Edward Neville Isdell

Edward Neville Isdell is the former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. This Irish businessman began his career with Coca-Cola in Zambia in 1966.

Born in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland on June 8, 1944, Edward Neville Isdell took a degree in Social Science at the University of Cape Town. He then took up Management Development at the Harvard Business School Harvard Business program.

Moving to Zambia when he was ten years old was perhaps one of the best decisions Edward Neville Isdell ever made. It was in Zambia where his life with Coca-Cola took off. By the year 1972, he took on the job of general manager for Johannesburg, Africa’s Coca-Cola Bottling. After about eight years, in 1980, he became Australia’s region manager. A year later, in 1981, he was named president of the joint venture between the Philippines’ San Miguel Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company. Edward Neville Isdell’s main responsibility was to ensure the smooth and successful turnaround and renewal of the Coca-Cola business in the Philippines.

Several years later, the Irish businessman flew to Germany and in 1985, began serving as president of the company’s Central European Division.

Edward Neville Isdell continued his ascent to the top of the corporate ladder as he moved from one place/country to another, and held one significant position to another (more) significant one. Among these prominent positions include the senior vice presidency post in 1989; Northeast Europe/Africa Group’s appointed president; the presidency of the Greater Europe Group on 1995; and as Great Britain’s Coca-Cola Beverages PLC’s chairman. He was partly responsible for the merging of the company with Hellenic Bottling which formed Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC).

In 2001, after retiring as Coca-Cola HBC’s vice chairman, Edward Neville Isdell formed his own Barbados-based investment company while serving as international consultant for The Coca-Cola Company.

After serving as The Coca-Cola Company’s CEO, board director, and chairman, Edward Neville Isdell stepped down as the company’s CEO last July 1, 2008. He, however, remains the bottling company’s chairman of the board.

Edward Neville Isdell is the recipient of an honorary Doctor of Science degree given by the University of Ulster. He also holds important positions in several business councils and boards. He is ranked 192nd in Forbes’ 2008 Executive Pay.

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